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澳洲教育學作業代寫 自閉癥兒童看護

Keywords:澳洲教育學作業代寫 自閉癥兒童看護

據自閉癥兒童看護人報告,缺乏角色扮演活動有助于提高這種技能。Sancho, Sidener T., Reeve & Sidener D.,(2010)發現自閉癥兒童能夠成功地模仿在不同場景中展示不同角色角色的模型。這是通過視頻建模獲得的,通過該方法,一個模特展示不同技能的動作被記錄下來,并展示給孩子們,然后觀察他們試圖準確地復制腳本。然而,本研究的不足之處在于,它沒有對不同情況下的play角色進行概括。相比之下,Dupere, MacDonald和Ahearn(2013)進行的一項研究通過量化參與者在一組玩具中與未經訓練的角色玩耍的情況,解決了這一局限性。這是通過“合適的循環”的實現來完成的,它涉及到模型演示角色,這些角色適用于多個字符,但只適用于一個字符。參與者模仿這些循環語言或動作的次數被用來推斷自閉癥兒童展示角色扮演刺激泛化的能力。然而,這兩項研究都沒有承認樣本量小的局限性(一項有3名參與者,另一項只有2名參與者),這使得很難將結果推廣到更廣泛的人群。不管怎樣,視頻建模的使用為這兩項研究都提供了優勢,因為它允許視頻片段被多次播放,這可以節省時間、模型和資源。更重要的是,這種方法被證明更適合那些在分散注意力的環境中難以集中注意力的自閉癥兒童,而且視頻中包含了第一人稱視角——描繪成人的手在玩玩具——以及背景聲音中的語音腳本。(插入引文說孩子會分心)。兩種方法都是一致的,即組成一個基線,讓孩子們玩沒有強化或視頻提示的玩具,作為一個標準來比較視頻顯示后所描繪的仿制品。桑丘等人(2010)報告了10次中平均6.3次的正確模仿,而基線測試期間沒有腳本語言。同樣,在訓練后的階段,對未經訓練的字符進行模仿的情況也有所增加
澳洲教育學作業代寫 自閉癥兒童看護
A lack of role-playing activities reported by caretakers of autistic children facilitates the need for an increase of this skill. Sancho, Sidener T., Reeve & Sidener D., (2010) found that autistic children were able to successfully imitate models displaying roles of various characters in distinct settings. This was obtained through video modelling, whereby actions of a model demonstrating different skills are recorded and shown to children, who are then observed attempting to replicate the scripts accurately. However, this study was disadvantaged in that it did not accommodate for generalisation of the play roles in different situations. In contrast, a study conducted by Dupere, MacDonald and Ahearn (2013) addressed this limitation by aiming to quantify the occurrence of participants playing with untrained characters amongst a set of toys. This was done through the implementation of ‘suitable loops’, which involved the model demonstrating roles that are applicable to multiple characters, only on one character. The number of times participants imitate speech or actions of these loops was used to infer the ability of autistic children to demonstrate stimulus generalisation for role play.However, both studies fail to acknowledge the limitation of a small sample size (one with 3 participants, and one with only 2), which makes it difficult to generalise the results to the wider population. Regardless, the use of video modelling provides a strength for both studies, as it allows the footage to be played multiple times, and this can save time, efforts of models and resources. More importantly, this method was proven to be more suitable for autistic children who struggle to pay attention to a particular procedure in distracting environments, and the videos contained first person perspective – depicting adult hands playing with toys – and vocal scripts in the background sound. (INSERT CITATION THAT SAYS KIDS GET DISTRACTED).Both methods were consistent, composing a baseline with children asked to play with the toy sets with no reinforcements or video prompts, to use as a standard to compare the imitations portrayed after video is shown. An average of 6.3 correct imitations out of 10 was reported by Sancho et al. (2010), compared with no scripted verbalisations during the baseline session. Similarly, an overall increase in the usage of imitation for untrained characters was reported in the post-training sessions.
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