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澳洲蒙納士assignment代寫 經濟科學

Keywords:澳洲蒙納士assignment代寫 經濟科學

澳洲蒙納士assignment代寫 經濟科學
<标题>  As a result of that situation I was forced to put my college classes, I was doing my 3rd in Economic Science in a local University, and became really frustrated and sad with that whole situation. Then, talking to some of the people, friends there, I realized that not only me, but some of them, were facing similar problems, and then the idea of trying a better opportunity in another country began to materialize on my mind. After many meetings, my 2 friends and I decided to make this journey to the U.S. So, after talking with wife and kids, I bought the flight ticket and during my vacation in the job, I flew to New York with these 2 friends of mine. I already had planned that in case if I find a job opportunity here in the U.S. during those days, I would stay and that was exactly what happened. My first job was as a parking attendant in Manhattan, an overnight schedule, which allowed to enroll in an English as Second Level Course in the mornings. I kept a desire in my mind and heart, which was to finish my graduate education one day. I met a guy in that job in New York, another Brazilian, and this young man provided with some information about a Community College in Queens, and I decided to go there and ask about the requirements needed in their course of Business Administration. They informed I must had a financial sponsorship given my non-student immigration status. I was still legally in the country, because of the fact I had entered here with a tourist visa and allowed to stay legally for 6 months. I tried to find someone willing to help me in that matter, however it turned to be really difficult, first because the one only people I really knew in that time were my two friends, but they were also in the same situation as mine, and then the other people I had already met and lived here for a longer time had no legal status or felt umcomfortable to sign as sponsor to someone they were not related. I felt really disappointed about not being able to continue my studies, but then I decided to postpone this dream for a while, shifting my focus to bring and kids to live here with me, which I was able to accomplish 6 months later.

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